5 Dating tips for that first date

Dating is a way of meeting people while also looking for that special person that you get to spend your life with after exchanging vows. Before all these, there is that first date. The first date can either ensure you have a relationship with a person or it can lead to an embarrassing encounter.
Below are 5 dating tips to help you have a successful first date.

Dress to impress: After asking out a lady or after being asked out by a gentleman, the time has come for that first date. It is important to dress well in order to both impress and not embarrass your date. For the gents, you can wear a jacket, shirt, trousers and leather shoes. If you also have your signature first date look, then dress to impress. For the ladies, a dark colored evening dress with heels and clutch bag might do.

Memorize your jokes and stories: Just like comedians and actors, you need to memorize your best lines and jokes before going on that first date. As one of the dating tips, memorizing your lines becomes advantageous and prevents you from being stuck without words to say.
Practice your best lines on your family and friends and let them tell you which are good and which are not.

Do something fun: Many people choose a dinner at a restaurant as the first choice for a first date. While it is appropriate, it is not the best. If you want a second date, it is vital to choose a fun activity that you can do together. Dinners are inappropriate as first dates because you will spend most of the time chewing and talking. This might lead to a few food particles flying out of your mouth. For fun activities, you can choose either to have a walk around the park or even to play Frisbee. It allows both of you to show you fun side.

Be time conscious: For the gentleman, it is important to be at the venue 5 to 10 minutes before the actual time you were to meet. For the lady, it is acceptable to be fashionably late but do not exaggerate it. Overdoing it may spoil your first date.

Be attentive: As one of the dating tips, being attentive during your first date displays that you are interested in your partner. For the ladies, avoid any contact with your smartphone either to check for messages, facebook or twitter. Eye contact from time to time and a smile goes a long way.
For the gentleman, avoid looking at other women passing by. You may think she is not seeing you but trust me brother, she is.