Intimacy Is the Key

intimacyThe importance of intimacy within a relationship or marriage cannot be overstated. Of course having chemistry and physical attraction is what brings two people together, but a good partnership lasts because of the ability to cultivate true intimacy. Being intimate with someone doesn’t always mean being sexual, the ability to share intimacy really comes from trust and faith that a person will cherish and protect that special bond. Intimacy could mean telling each other about a dream or a memory. Intimacy can also be shown when two people know each other so well they finish each others sentences.

Sharing ones deepest hopes and fears could expose weakness or vulnerability, so those who are truly intimate will listen without judgement. When two people enter a relationship in hopes of being together for any length of time, they will inevitably go through some periods of time when questions arise about what the future may hold. Expressing inner thoughts and feelings and being listened to can allow a person into that intimate space that is private and unique. Intimacy is the validation that life is important and there is a deeper meaning than just surface connections or routines.

Being truly intimate means exposing and opening your heart to another person and allowing them to open their heart to you. Going into a relationship with the hopes of long lasting commitment takes a lot of energy and work. Emotional intimacy allows a couple to relax into their relationship and express themselves freely. Sharing physical intimacy can only happen when the emotional needs are fully met and both partners feel safe.

The spark that initially attracts two people to one another can last for many years when each person shows love in their speech and actions. If a couple can make time to show one another true consideration, intimacy will soon follow and their love with be strengthened by that investment in one another. Sexual intimacy is important and is one of the best parts of having a partner in life, but without an emotional bond and truly intimate communication, that physical affection can only last so long.

It is vital for couples to remember to continue working at being kind to each other and allowing the other person space. Knowing that when the time comes for sexual expression, they will turn to the one they trust, love and feel deeply connected to, which will in turn, foster a meaningful relationship.